A Quiz On Ramadan And Fasting

Read WHAT IS RAMADAN AND FASTING article, if you need to brush-up on your knowledge of Ramadan and why we fast, before you take the quiz. Try your best and get all the answers correct, we just know you can do it!


  1. How many days does Ramadan last?
  2. Who is put in chains during Ramadan?
  3. What is the Arabic word for fasting?
  4. Which pillar of Islam is fasting?
  5. What is suhoor?
  6. What is iftaar?
  7. What should we do frequently in Ramadan?
  8. What is the meaning of lailatul Qadr?
  9. What should you say when someone wants to fight with you in Ramadan?
  10. What is the special holiday after Ramadan called?

Try to get 10 out of 10! Remember our beloved Prophet (SAW) told us to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave!

Answers: 1. 29 or 30 days, 2. Shaytaans, 3. Sawm  4. The 4th pillar 5. The meal before dawn 6. The meal to break one’s fast at dusk 7. Recite our Quran 8. The Night of Power 9. “I am fasting” 10. Eid ul Fitr


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